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  • Megan Sarver

Happy 17th, Ian

The other night, we were going down memory land on the iPad, looking through old photos and videos . . . and I'm reminded again just how quickly you went from this ornery toddler to the young man that now towers over me.

Some things haven't changed at all. Your love for animals and all things outdoors & fishing. Your ability to make us laugh with your little comments and nonstop commentary (I was literally crying the other night from something you said because I was laughing so hard). Your "full send" way of going through life . . . "how bad can it be?" Your love and dedication to two sports--football and throwing. It's been so much fun to watch you make it to state in both indoor and outdoor track & field this year, and we still have several more years to watch you grow and perfect the sport.

You are still a duplicate of your Dad, and your mannerisms remind us more and more of Mark. You managed to take down his shot-put record this season (he threw it at state his Senior year), and he wasn't heartbroken at all . . . I love seeing him watch you follow in his footsteps and excel in the same sports he did as a teenager.

Something that has changed this past year? You no longer need momma's taxi service, and have become a great, responsible driver. You couldn't wait to get your license so that you could go fishing whenever you wanted, and I love that it's a hobby that you & Gavin can enjoy together. Even though the two of you argue incessantly about pretty much everything, fishing is one thing you both love.

Most of all, I'm just a proud momma and I love that I get a front row seat to watching you grow and become the young man God is creating you to be. I love your tender heart, and the way you lead. I love the way you help out, enjoying things like volunteering at VBS or being willing to teach a SS lesson for the youth group. I love the way you cheer your teammates on, wanting them to succeed.

I love that I've gotten to celebrate 17 birthdays with you already, and I pray that this next year is the best one yet!

Happy Birthday, Ian . . . love you!

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