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Sessions that capture baby's first year

Grow-With-Me Packages:



"Enjoy your children while they are little . . . they grow so fast!"  


It's the advice we've all been given, and once the first little one breaks into our lives, we understand the total truth of that statement.  Children are not little for long, and they make so many changes, especially during their first year of life.  That's the reason why so many of us photographers provide a 1st year package of sessions, allowing you to document each of those stages before they fade into the next stage.   


For those interested in capturing the 1st year of their little one through a series of photo sessions, I offer several different options for you to choose from . . . 



Belly & Baby                                       $600

  *Maternity & Newborn sessions

  *Digital images from both sessions

  *Total is due at the Maternity Session



3 Session Grow-With-Me                  $800

  *Newborn, 6 month, & 1 year sessions

  *Digital Images w/ print release from each session

  *Total is due at the Newborn Session, unless other arrangements have been made


4 Session Grow-With-Me                  $1000  

  *Newborn, 3-4 month, 8 month, & 1 year sessions

  *Digital images w/ print release from each session

*Total can be split between first two sessions or paid in full at NB session, but is due in full by the 2nd session.

**Sessions listed in 3 & 4 session GWM plans are recommended only--they can be switched around to include a different variety, just ask for available options



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