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  • Megan Sarver

Ian is 16 {Sixteen}

2022 is a big year in the Sarver household . . . all 3 of our boys are teenagers for the span of one year, and for Ian, it's probably one of his biggest milestones yet. Sixteen years have absolutely flown by since he burst into our world, arriving in our arms only 45 minutes after we got to the hospital. He had the most hair of any of our babies, dark and straight, and then had the lightest dirty blond hair as a toddler.

He's probably been the one kid of ours who has had the same interests & same likes since he was a toddler . . . let him be in the outdoors, whether it's fishing, looking for crawfish in the creek, or pretty much anything to do with animals and wildlife and he is all in.

It has been so much fun seeing this kid grow up right before our eyes, and watching his maturity as he grows. We laugh at all of the stories of how naughty he was a little kid (dumping baby powder ALL over the nursery when Gavin was a baby & writing with marker on a cream colored recliner, just to name a few) . . . but now, he is the most laid-back and easygoing kid.

I joke that I gave birth to a mini Mark 16 years ago, because Ian is such a duplicate of his dad. He looks like him, he's built exactly like him, enjoys the same sports as Mark, and has so many of the same mannerisms as well. Probably the one difference is the whole outdoor/fishing loving that Ian has . . . that came directly from his great grandfathers (both on Mark's & my side of the family).

Ian, although this momma is always a little sad at seeing another year fly by, I also just couldn't be more proud of seeing how each year brings more growth, maturity, and so many fun memories with you and with our whole family. I absolutely love being a mom to you, and being your biggest {silent} cheerleader when you are throwing shot-put, or yelling from the stands when you are on the football field. As you go through this day (that just happens to include your first job interview, and your final day of driving with an instructor before you go to get your license), I hope you know just how much we love that God chose to make you a part of our family. Your comments, laughter, jokes, and big hugs are the best, and I cannot wait to see what the next year will hold for you.

Let Jesus lead you every step of the way, and know that your dad & I will always be your biggest fans. Happy sweet 16th, Ian . . . we love you.

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