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  • Megan Sarver

Happy 18th, Ian

Another year has come and gone, and you are officially an adult now (although with your beard and mustache, I'm sure you could pass for even a few years older than you are). As your momma, I'm not sure my heart is quite ready for this next year, and all of the major changes it will bring . . . your Senior year of high school, and all of the lasts with football, track & field, and all of the things that come along with it.

But I have no doubt that your wings are ready to soar, and while I would love to keep you in the nest a bit longer, I also can't wait to see how God is going to use you in this big, wild world. You have such a big heart in that grown-man body of yours, and you take after your dad soooo much. You know (& have known for most of your life) that you want to work with animals as a career. It's definitely the way God has wired you, and you have been interested in every type of critter, except spiders, from little on up.

Scrolling back through all of the old photos had me wishing for just a day or two of time travel to go back to the days of your childhood. The constant noise, energy, and chaos that came with having 3 little boys in the house. Different personalities, likes, & dislikes . . . and yet so much love and laughter in the midst of it all. We were far from perfect and I know we made many mistakes in the whole parenting realm. But I hope that more than anything else, you knew how much you were loved by us and by Your heavenly Father who made you exactly as you are for this very time in his - story.

It's just crazy to think of how much you've grown and changed over the years . . . I guess that's what is supposed to happen. You are the easiest teenager to raise, never wanting us to make a big fuss over you. You are a hard worker, excelling in your school work, your athletics, and whatever you want to focus on. You are a leader in your youth group and you love well. One of your favorite things to do is take Gavin with you and spend hours at a local fishing spot. You two have scouted out every pond you can find and love to fish together any change you get.

I couldn't be more proud to be your momma, and will continue to be your biggest cheerleader as you get ready to fly. Happy 18th Birthday, bud . . . I love you more than you'll ever know!

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