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  • Megan Sarver

Family: Bettilyon

They are such a cute crew, and every time I photograph families with all boys, it just takes me back to the time when our boys were those ages . . . people tell you with a smile that "time flies, soak it all up!" In the moment, you really have a hard time believing it because the days can seem so looooonnnggg. But then I stop for a brief second and am reminded that our oldest son is getting ready to become a husband this weekend, and it does NOT seem like that long ago that he was giggling on our laps, getting his little brother to laugh back at him (just like Ridge & Parker were doing in the photo below). Even with all of the energy and goofy-ness that happens with little boys, I absolutely love when clients and their kids take me right down memory lane.

Here are some of my favorites from Mike & Faith, and their adorable kiddos . . .

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