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  • Megan Sarver

Child: Jonah {6 mo}

To the majority of us, 6 months isn't a very long time, and we don't change our looks a whole lot in that span. But when my newborns come back at 6mo old, I often don't even recognize them. They have filled out, are often close to sitting on their own, and are usually sporting the most adorable rolls. They look nothing like their newborn selves, and are starting to show their little personalities. Some of them are super smiley, and content as can be. While others require a bit more noise/racket from their momma & I to get them to smile. It's always so much fun, though, to see how they've grown and be able to capture another little bit of their 1st year.

Jonah had lots of little grins & smirks for us, as well as some serious little looks . . . he is just so adorable and here are some of my favorites from his gallery!

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