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  • Megan Sarver

Child: Dean {1 yr}

This sweet boy is getting ready to celebrate his 1st birthday already, and I loved having him back in the studio for his milestone session. He wasn't a huge fan of the camera, but now that I have his gallery all wrapped up, I love how much of his personality came through in the session . . . his little grins, silly faces, and everything that makes him who he is.

Happy 1st birthday, sweet boy!

At the end of his session, momma pulled out a cake and it intrigued him for a bit . . .

Then, he was just DONE. We couldn't get him to pick at it a minute longer. Until we handed him the spatula that we had used to move the cake from the box to the cake stand. That was all he needed to go right back into cake smash mode . . .

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