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Mom & Dad

These two people are one of the most amazing couples you'll ever meet, and I get to be privileged enough to call them Mom & Dad. They are a great example of what love & commitment look like, and they mix a whole lot of laughter in with it every single day.

They were visiting us several weeks ago, and Mom asked if I had a free morning to do a quick mini session with them. Of course Dad thought we should just take 1 picture in our backyard and call it good, but I decided to take them over to the pond by P. Graham Dunn and use the gorgeous landscape there instead. The skies were overcast and there was still gorgeous fall color on the trees. We worked fast, so they wouldn't freeze and I did my best to get Dad to cooperate--and when he couldn't help but bust out laughing, I just kept on clicking. Could not love these people more, and I am blessed beyond measure to have them as my parents ❤️

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