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Ian turns 13 {thirteen!}

My goodness . . . this momma is not quite sure what to do with herself. We have ourselves another teenager! 13 years ago this morning (at around 12:30am), this little boy burst into the world, giving momma no time to get an epidural (or any type of pain meds for that matter). We had arrived at the hospital around 11:40, and it wasn't long before this sweet little boy was in my arms.

Big brother Cole was so proud of him . . .

Even though he was our little blonde boy as a toddler, Ian was born with a head of jet black hair . . .

From early on, Ian has always been such a laid back kid. He never needed to be entertained . . . in fact, he often retreated to his bedroom to just play with his animals or have some alone time. Don't get me wrong, he loves playing with his brothers & friends, but he was also the boy who needed time to just decompress if things were a little crazy (which is often the case when there are 3 boys included).

You never have to try and figure out what this kid is feeling. If he's happy, he'll be dancing. And if he's ticked off, well, you'll never be wondering :)

Ian is a kid who is totally comfortable in his own skin. He has his own set of rules, and he doesn't really care if any one likes them or not. He may be big and tough on the outside, but inside, he's really just a big teddy bear with a really sensitive heart.

He LOVES anything related to animals and dirt. From little on up, he has always been intrigued with anything crawling or moving. He LOVES animals, and has had the name "animal expert" in our family for a very long time. If you have a question about an animal (what it eats, where it lives, etc.), there is a good chance he will have the answer.

Preschool graduation . . .

"Sure it's sturdy! As sturdy as a rabbit with it's back legs broken." -Ian

Meeting with the surgeon after recovering from a pretty major appendectomy that had started to rupture. 11 days in the hospital and a crazy experience that we will never forget . . .

He finally got his wish of a puppy . . . and we all couldn't love Bentley any more!

Oh Ian, you keep our lives so full of smiles (& moments where we have no idea what to do) . . . you are such a little shadow of your dad, and resemble him in so many ways. You wear your emotions "on your sleeve", and are a "go big or go home" type of kid. You love big and are a loyal kid. You are your own person, and it doesn't seem to bother you whether others think the same way as you or not (and that's such a great way to live!).

Keep being the person God has created you to be . . . He has gifted you exactly the way you are for a purpose, and we can't wait to see the paths He has ahead for you. 13 is a big milestone, and you are shooting up and growing so quickly right now. It won't be long before you are looking down on me, and even-eyed with Dad.

We hope you have an awesome birthday and one of your best years yet. Love you so much, bud!

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