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Double Digits for Gavin

I can't even believe that our baby is double digits today . . . Gavin is 10! It seems like a long time ago when he was a baby, but when I look back through the many blog posts and photos, it transports me right back to being a new mom with little ones around. Gavin has always looked a lot like his oldest brother, Cole, and we always referred to them as twins. Even their personalities seemed to be a lot alike, but as they get older, they are definitely 2 different kids.

Gavin is sweet with a whole lot of sass mixed in (although he doesn't seem to show that side of him outside of home). His room looks like a tornado has hit about 90% of the time (& it doesn't bother him at all, unlike Cole who is a tad OCD like his mom). He would spend all of his waking hours playing with Lego's if he could, and there is usually nothing on his Christmas or birthday wish lists besides more Lego sets.

First birthday cake smash--what a mess!

Don't believe for a second that he is all sweet and innocent . . .

First day of Kindergarten . . .

Gavin has had the best line up of teachers, and he still stops by Mrs. Porter's class on his way out of school to give her a hug (she was his teacher in 2nd grade)

Somehow, the past 10 years have just disappeared in a blink, and we are all done with single digits around here. Couldn't be more proud of this kid and the way he continues to grow into the young man God has created him to be.

Happy 10th birthday, Gavin!

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