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Celebrating 10 years!

Hey guys, I just wanted to hop on here for a quick blog post. I'm so excited for a new year, and having a fresh start. There's just something about January that feels new and un-cluttered (as long as you don't peek into my catch-all corners & countertops), and this OCD momma loves it.

This time each year, I love looking back over the past year and dreaming forward to what is ahead. Seeing what worked, and making a mental list of things that need to be tweaked, changed, or even thrown out.

This year is especially exciting for me as a photographer, because it marks 10 years since I officially started my business. I cannot believe it's been that long, but I honestly feel like I have the best job in the world. It's something I'm passionate about, and I love the many friendships that have come because God has crossed the paths of this little-known photographer in rural Ohio with some of the sweetest clients I could ever ask for.

I literally just have to stand in awe sometimes when I walk out into my new studio space. Not in awe of anything I have done . . .because I'm reminded often of just how imperfect & unworthy this girl is. But, rather, totally amazed at the fact that God would allow me to have my dream job, and bless it so abundantly the way He has.

I had prayed for years about finding a studio space (really, anything bigger than the little bedroom I was using at our home in Apple Creek), and this year that prayer was answered. I cannot even explain how much I am loving being able to offer a comfortable & cozy space to my clients when they come for photos. It's definitely an answered prayer and a dream come true.

Anyways, I'm trying not to be too sappy here, but I am so looking forward to 2018 and celebrating 10 years in various ways throughout the new year.

I so want MSP to be more than just another local photography business. I'm not aiming to have the biggest and most successful career. I LOVE operating my business more simply, and not trying to keep up with what society tells me I should be doing to be the best of the best. I truly believe this is my passion and calling, and if I can use what's already in my hand (in this case, it happens to be my camera), and be faithful to stick to the path God has for me, than that matters more than anything else.

So, as I look to the new year, one thing I want to try is a little project I'm calling "More than a Monday". Mondays have always seemed to get a bad review, and it's probably the least favorite day of the week for most people. But, I want to add a little bit of sunshine to the first day of the work week, and will be posting a different question each week for you to answer.

Some weeks, it will be something funny or random . . . other weeks, I may ask you to share a God moment you saw recently, or a prayer request you may have. I'm not sure what will come up as the weeks go by, but I do know that the more participation I have from all of you, the more smiles we can bring to each other's lives. I will be sharing my answers as well, but I don't want to be the only one posting! I can't wait to see your answers, and will be sharing the first "more than a Monday" post next week.

In the meantime, have a great {cold} weekend, and here's a big fist pump for the new year



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