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Girls' Weekend

I'm an Iowa girl, born and raised in the state known for it's corn fields (NOT potatoes, like lots of people think. That's I-d-a-h-o, not I-o-w-a). Anyways, the majority of my family still lives in Iowa, with the exception of my oldest sister, who is here in Ohio, a little less than 2 hours away.

Us Ohio girls have been bugging our little sister that she needs to come and visit us. We were finally able to arrange everyone's schedules several weekends ago--my Mom & sister (and her little boy, Henry) made the drive out on a Wednesday, and then Carla & her kiddos joined us Thursday morning from Columbus, and we had ourselves a wonderful weekend together!

Thursday morning, we headed down to Hershberger's Farm and the kiddos LOVED seeing the animals, playing with the little handmade wooden toys, and then we also grabbed lunch there (and creamsticks as well, but that was more of a morning snack :)

In the afternoon & evenings, our house was busy with extra kiddos running around. Thankfully, we had beautiful weather and the kids loved being outside as much as possible. Henry was entertained the entire weekend by sitting on our little lawn tractor, and Winston was good as long as he had little cars to play with. Our boys kept their cousins entertained, and we had so much fun having everyone here!

On Friday morning, we all headed up to Christmas Run Park to run off some energy . . .

Once Winston found this dirt pile, the playground no longer held any appeal. He could've played there for hours . . . "building sandcastles" as he called it :)

On Saturday, the temperatures were finally warm enough to really enjoy the pool, so we all jumped in and enjoyed relaxing in the water.

We ended the weekend with a visit to the giant slide at OARDC . . . it was a big hit for the kiddos!

Ha Ha--it went a little faster than she expected :)

Me & my sisters . . . love them so very much, and am so glad we FINALLY got to have a girls' weekend. Somehow I managed to have almost no pictures of our momma, but loved having a house full of family.

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