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Dashing like a Warrior

Yesterday, Mark & Cole competed in the Warrior Dash. If you've never heard of it, it's a 5k race with lots of mud & obstacles mixed in. We arrived soon after lunch time and Mark & Cole registered and got ready for the race.

Lots of waiting for the younger two :)

Getting shoes all taped up for the race . . .

In line, waiting for them to let the next group go . . .

And they're off!

Most of the race/obstacles are back in the woods or out of spectator's sight, but we were able to watch them go through the last few obstacles, and here, we had just spotted them, jumping over fire and heading towards the giant slide.

Last obstacle . . . swimming through a mud pit that had barbed wire overhead

At the finish line!

So proud of these two--LOVE that they were able to do this together.

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