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Niagara Vacation {part 1}

We've been looking forward to this family vacation all summer long. Passports in hand, we headed out last Thursday morning soon after 8:00am. Thankfully, after a lunch break in Buffalo, NY, we soon reached Niagara Falls, NY and stopped to see the falls from the American side. Loved seeing the boys' reaction to seeing the giant waterfalls for the first time . . .

We then headed across the border into Canada and found our hotel. It was blazing hot outside, so we let the boys spend some time in the pool before heading out to see the sights in the evening. We grabbed a bite to eat, then went to the Dinosaur Mini Golf. We haven't gone golfing very often, so it was fun to put our skills (or lack thereof, for some of us :) to use . . .

Daddy, Cole, & Ian all took their turn at getting a hole-in-one

After finishing up at the golf course, we walked down to the falls to see them from the Canadian side . . . absolutely gorgeous! That view just never gets old!

Family selfie by the Falls

On Friday morning, we were able to sleep in and relax before heading back down Clifton Hill to our bus stop.

We booked a tour that included stops at Journey Behind the Falls, the Aero Car, the Floral Clock, and the Hornblower Cruise. Definitely worth the $$ to be able to hear about the history of the area, and be able to have quick access to the various attractions!

Getting ready to walk behind the Falls . . .

The power and intensity of that water was incredible . . .

We rode this aero car across the whirlpool area of the Niagara River . . . it's a good thing we're not too afraid of heights!

The beautiful Floral Clock . . . they plant flowers to make 2 different designs each year: one in the Spring and one in the Summer. The designs are constantly changing!

Our favorite part of the tour was the last stop--the Hornblower Cruise that took us on a boat ride right up to the Falls. We got wet, and it felt so good on a hot summer day!

In the evening, we went to the Rainforest Cafe for supper, and spent more time walking around the touristy area of Clifton Hill. So much to see and do (& try and keep your wallets from being emptied of $$)

A full, but fun start to our vacation!

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