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Double Digits {Ian is 10}

Days are long . . . years are short. This phrase is 110% accurate at describing how quickly time flies by, even though some days seem to have a few extra hours (especially when the boys are finding all the ways they can annoy/frustrate each other). But seriously, how can it possibly be 10 years since this boy burst into the world?!

I barely made it to the hospital before he made his entrance, and our "little rhino" has been bustling with energy ever since.

He is a whole handful now, and for his birthday, his only request was to go fishing with a few friends. The week before, the forecast was showing 80-90% chance of rain for Saturday, but we kept praying that it would change. As we got closer to the day, the rain moved out, and we ended up with a gorgeous sunny morning. Mark took the boys fishing for several hours in the morning . . . they had a blast!

When the fish seemed to stop biting, the boys got to ride around on the paddleboat for a while.

For lunch, we headed back to our house for pizza and wings, then it was time to open presents and have ice cream cake to celebrate the birthday boy . . .

Ian, Kolton, & Garet . . .

Ian, you are such a fun & spunky addition to our family. Sweet like a teddy bear, rambunctious like a rhino. And I know that God has made you exactly the way you are because He has big plans for you. So excited to see what this next year will hold for you . . . happy 10th birthday, Ian!

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