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Father's Day

Last week, we surprised Daddy by celebrating Father's Day a few days early. The boys & I were planning on leaving for Iowa that weekend, so even though we weren't going to be with Mark on Father's Day, he definitely needed to be celebrated!

Cole came up with the idea of the Starbucks gift card in a cup and we got a few other gifts for him as well . . .

The boys designed this poster for him (Mark was a little freaked out by how much Cole's drawing of him actually resembled him :)

Cole loves helping out in the kitchen, and he wanted to make chicken and fried rice (one of Mark's favorite meals). I only helped out a little bit, and it turned out delicious!

Pictures need to be taken to commemorate the celebration!

Tickles are always in order, especially if boys aren't wanting to cooperate for photos . . .

We are so very blessed to have this man in our family--leading us, working so hard to support us, and helping us to laugh along the way. He loves us so much, and is a godly example to our boys every day. We would be lost without him, and I love doing life with this handsome guy that our boys call, "Dad".

Happy Father's Day, Mark!

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