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Splashing into Summer

After our Spring break turned into a big flop, we decided we would plan a family weekend getaway as soon as everyone was healthy and we had an open weekend on our calendar. This past weekend seemed like a great time to celebrate, as school was done and summer break was officially kicking off.

We drove up to Kalahari Indoor waterpark on Friday after lunch, and checked into our room. I had called up to the resort several weeks ago to see about availability, and they had a special rate on their bigger rooms. It was like an apartment, and it was so nice to spread out a little more (than our usual hotel room). Mark & I had our own bedroom with a king sized bed, and the boys had beds out in the living room area. We had a full kitchen, complete with oven, dishwasher, and fridge/freezer, as well as dishes, utensils, etc. So we brought food along for our meals, saving us a ton by not having to buy our food at the resort (just a cheeseburger was $10, and this bargain-loving/cheap momma could not stand paying that much for a sandwich!)

The boys were especially thrilled that there were 2 tv's in our room, so they didn't have to watch the same thing.

We were in the waterpark until almost 8:00 in the evening, so we had a late dinner of pizza when we got back to our room.

Ian was watching tv in our room, all while having the king-sized bed all to himself . . . he got kicked out when it was time to sleep :)

Enjoying our little deck outside before heading to bed . . .

On Saturday, we were in the waterpark from about 9:30 to 5:30, so it was a long day of playing in the water.

The wave pool was a definite favorite for the boys, but we made sure we went on lots of the slides and other things too . . .

Mark and the boys loved this surfing simulator and they even convinced Gavin to try it out--he actually did pretty good!

Such a fun weekend, and a wonderful way to kick off summer!!

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