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Mother's Day

Mother's Day is always a nice & laid-back day for me, thanks to a wonderful husband who is making sure I don't lift a finger. This year, Mark's parents and his sister (who happens to be in Ohio this week) were able to join us for Mother's Day. They met us at church in the morning, and then we all came back to our house for a wonderful lunch (made by Mark) . . . it was delicious. He has a killer recipe for grilled chicken, and then he also made a salad, corn, & homemade mac & cheese. Dessert was strawberry Jello cake with fresh strawberries sliced on top. I am spoiled to have a husband who is so helpful and able to hold his own in the kitchen, often cooking better than I could!

Mark & his Mom

Mimi with both of her kids . . . not sure when the last time was that these 3 have been able to celebrate Mother's Day together.

Never a dull moment . . .

Later in the afternoon, they headed back to their house, and we loaded up and went up to OARDC. The boys took nets and buckets along this time, in hopes of catching some wildlife. They LOVE exploring around this creek area . . .

A tiny little salamander . . .

Crawfish . . .

Another highlight of OARDC is this giant slide . . .

And because it's Mother's Day, we can't let the day slip away without a few photos with Mom :)

Being a Mom is definitely something that you don't do on your own. I am so blessed to have the influence of a Godly mother, who I still look to for advice and wisdom. I love our weekly phone conversations, and being able to randomly chat via FaceTime. She has helped us so many times, and is always willing to drop what she's doing to make sure we're taken care of. I love you Mom, and wish we could celebrate together a little more often!

I also would not be the Mom that I am without this guy right here. He is such a supportive husband & dad, and we definitely work at this whole parenting thing as a team. Couldn't be a mom to 3 boys without him!

We ended the afternoon with an ice cream stop at Guerne . . . can't pass up free ice cream cones for Mom!

Family selfie! I love this little tribe that I get to call my own . . .

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