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{Little} Birthday Boy

And just like that, this little guy is 7 years old. I'm not sure why, but 7 sounds so much older than 6. He is growing up so quickly, and yet I'm not bemoaning the fact that my kids are not so little any more. I truly LOVE this stage of independence and learning that they are in.

Gavin is doing wonderfully in 1st grade, and he LOVES his teacher so much. He couldn't wait to go back to school after the Christmas break and be able to see Mrs. Haley again. She is such a blessing, and keeps asking me if we couldn't have more kids please, so she can have a few more Sarvers in her class in the future (she also had Cole in 3rd grade, and was one of his favorite teachers as well).

Gavin is the baby of our family, and plays that role quite well. He has a lot of the same interests as his oldest brother, Cole, and also looks like him and acts like him. Even though he is usually a happy easygoing kid, he also has his moments where he glares at you and walks off, clearly not impressed with what I just told him.

He does not like being talked sternly to, so even if I'm just telling him he needs to eat his breakfast faster, or that he needs to do something, he can easily take it that I am "mad" at him. He does not like to be rushed

Yesterday morning, this little was up and out of bed bright & early. We had told him that IF everyone was ready for church and we had enough time, he could open his presents in the morning. And somehow (by God's grace), we were all ready to go in plenty of time, so he dug in . . .

Even though all of our boys love playing with Lego's, I think this little guy enjoys them the most. He could build and create with these little pieces every day . . .

I had found this Superhero Lego set on clearance last fall, so I bought it and tucked it away for his birthday . . . he LOVED it!

His brothers got him a new Crossbow (similar to a NERF one, but more powerful, and bit more scary :} )

In the afternoon, Gavin's friend Gabe came over to play for awhile . . . lots of noise and craziness, but Gavin had so much fun celebrating his birthday!

Happy Birthday, little G! You have been waiting for your birthday and counting down the days for quite some time! You couldn't wait until it was finally your turn for your birthday celebration. We love you so much, and your funny (& spunky) personality adds the perfect touch to our family.

We love you!

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