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Birthday Boy

Not only are the holidays a busy time for us, but we also somehow managed to have ALL of our birthdays (except Ian's) and our anniversary fall between Nov. 6th and Jan. 6th. It's kind of a crazy-hectic-let's-get-it-all-done-in-2-months time for our little family. Birthdays that fall right around the holidays can get lost in the shuffle, but we do our best to make sure everyone has their own celebration around here.

Last week was Daddy's birthday, and so as soon as he came in the door from work, we started with the partying! Over Christmas break, I had commissioned the boys to make a birthday banner for Daddy. Even though they misunderstood on which paper to use (I was out running some errands at the time, and they made it much LARGER than I was expecting :), they did a great job on it, including lots of tools from Daddy's construction job in the birthday message . . .

The boys love a good scavengar hunt to find birthday gifts, but we did it a little differently this year. We used yarn and tied the beginning of the string to Daddy's chair at the dining room table. From there, we made a yarn trail throughout the house, winding through different rooms. Ian came up with the idea to write little birthday messages and attach them along the way, which I thought was perfect!

Daddy finally has a Keurig . . .

Mark is not a fan of birthday cake, so I usually make cheesecake for him. Since I had just made a big cheesecake the week before (and there was still some left in the fridge), he requested these little cheesecake bites instead. They were super yummy and pretty easy to make, so that's a win-win in my book.

Happy Birthday, my dear! You are such an amazing husband and daddy and we all love you to the moon & back!

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