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  • Megan Sarver

Newborn: Maggie

I seem to always have an abundance of little boys on the schedule, and being a boy mom, I truly don't mind whether these tiny little ones are boys or girl (because let's be honest, I just love getting those baby snuggles in with ALL the babies). But, I do love when I have a little girl in the studio . . . I mean, it's so fun being able to accessorize with all of the headbands and cute things that have never seen the inside of my house :)

Maggie fought me for a little bit, wanting to figure out where she was and we were hoping she would take a nap. But, she finally gave in and was out for the rest of the session. She is such a little bundle of cuteness, and of course I have so many favorites from her session 💕

Maggie's Great Grandmother made the little baby quilt pictured below before she passed away, so it was extra special to incorporate it into Maggie's newborn session 💕

Welcome to the world, sweet girl 💕

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