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  • Megan Sarver

Ian is 14!

I know that the years pass by in a blur . . . and so many changes come along with each of those years. But, goodness, I feel like the 365 days between you turning 13 and 14 brought some of the biggest changes so far. You went from being a kid to a young man in the blink of an eye.

Even looking back at pictures from last summer, it's unreal how much you've changed and grown in the past year.

Over the past 6-8 months, you've stretched up in height (you are now just a tad bit taller than Cole and inches away from being the same height as Dad). You transitioned to 7th grade, which meant you were at the Junior High building now . . . schedules were new and different, and you rode to school with Cole each morning, leaving the house by soon after 7:00. That was a stretch for your sleep schedule, but you absolutely LOVED junior high and all of the changes that came along with it. When I asked you the other day who you favorites teachers have been (and you had some pretty amazing ones in elementary), you said "pretty much all of the 7th grade staff."

(1st day of 7th grade)

In the fall, you got to play football for the first time, and you have definitely found your new favorite sport. The more tackles you made, the more you wanted to go out and find another person to tackle. You loved the feeling of working hard every day at practice and getting in shape. And there was a confidence there that was so much fun to watch. You loved the game, your coaches, and your teammates, and I know you can't wait to find out how the season will play out this coming year.

Overall, we have just noticed a maturity that has come with you growing up. You laugh at yourself more, and are just more relaxed and easygoing. You are so much like your Dad, tough on the outside & "wearing your emotions on your sleeve", but also having a soft, teddy bear like heart on the inside.

(Photos-Fall, 2019)

(Father's Day 2020)

Your love for all things animals has not changed at all. When we ask what you want to do when you grow up, your answer is, "duh, I want to be a zoologist". You would go fishing every day if we would let you, so last week when it was your actual birthday, we loaded up the van with fishing gear and went to a friend's pond for the afternoon. You LOVED it.

We couldn't be more proud of the way you are growing, maturing, and becoming this young man that God has created you to be. It has been such a fun and crazy ride so far being your momma, and I can't wait to see how you continue to go through each day, finding reasons to laugh, talking in your "Bentley" voice (which makes all of us laugh), and loving those around you well.

Happy 14th birthday, Ian . . . we love you so much!

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