• Megan Sarver

Child: Hayes {1 yr}

I love being able to photograph other families whose kids are all the same gender as ours (mommas of 3 boys 👊🏻) . . . there are just some things that are different when you have all boys in your house, and I can so relate to other moms who are in the same place as us. (And for the record, I LOVE being a boy mom, and wouldn't have it any other way. Yes, I love photographing and accessorizing everyone else's girls, but I am perfectly happy with the way God planned out our family way better than I ever could have.)

Nate & Lacie have 3 handsome little boys, and the youngest one, Hayes, just turned one this spring. He has his own little personality, and is busy doing his best to keep up with his big brothers. A little boy on the go, he is full of sweetness and curiousity . . . happy 1st birthday, Hayes!

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