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  • Megan Sarver

Child: Asher {1 yr}

Asher is just so cute, and is a little boy on the go . . . stopping only for a quick snack of Puffs, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse songs on the phone, or some bubbles that were blowing by (trust me, we tried about everything we could think of to keep him entertained :). But, as is always the case with these little cuties, we just work with their non-stop energy, and those smiles are still captured . . . and we have a full gallery that has so much cuteness from this little birthday boy!

I never know how a cake smash is going to go from one milestone session to the next . . . some kids dive right in, some hate the feeling of anything being on their hands, and others act like we are trying to feed them the worst thing possible. Asher would fit into that first category. He dove right in, and ended up with cake and frosting ALL OVER him and the floor. He LOVED it!

Happy 1st birthday, sweet boy 💙

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