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Newborn: Kate {13 days}

You guys, I am so excited to share Kate's newborn session with you. Not only is she absolutely adorable, but you want to know what else? DURING the session, as Kate's mom & I were talking, we discovered that we are second cousins. COUSINS! Now before you give us too much grief that we have been strangers our whole lives, let me just say that we come from a very large family. Cynthia's Grandpa & my Grandma were siblings and even though there have been some family reunions along the way, it's a huge crew if you really want to get to know every cousin that is a part of the Helmuth family.

But how fun it was to chat our way through the session and get to know each other a bit while I was photographing Nevin & Cynthia's sweet little girl. She is a little fighter and did not want to miss anything that was happening around her, but as I often say . . . newborns cannot stay awake forever (even though there are some who are determined to prove me wrong). Here are just a few of my favorites from Kate's newborn session 💕

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