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Child: Henry {1 yr}

This little guy was just not too sure about me or my camera. And while we were able to work a few of those little grins out of Henry, he definitely was just not thrilled about having to take some birthday photos. He is just the cutest little birthday boy, though, and here are some of my favorites from his 1yr session . . .

We grabbed a few of big sis, too, because she just celebrated a birthday as well . . . Emma is 3!

We figured that once we brought the cake out, he would be much happier . . .

And it WAS all fun and games, as long as he could just play with it. But things went downhill really fast once momma smashed his hand into it. Let's just say that Henry was not impressed :)

Might as well not waste the yummy goodness . . . big sis was happy to fill in and enjoy the treats!

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