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Newborn: Asher {9 days}

Every now and then, I get a newborn who is just not a fan of anything having to do with pictures. Little Asher did great for the first while, and then he seemed to figure out what was going on, and he wanted nothing to do with being messed with, moved around, or arranged into any type of prop. He was wide awake for a while, so we did a prop shot where he was swaddled up and he gave me the cutest little stare down possible.

We even caught a few sleepy grins from him, and despite him giving us all a workout, we still ended up with a gallery full of cuteness (because . . . well babies are just cute, no matter how much they make you work for it) đź’™

Big sis, Selah, was a rockstar and couldn't wait to be in pictures with her little brother . . .

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