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Family: Eberly

Goodness, they made my job easy, and I loved getting to see this sweet family again. Jenelle & I grew up knowing each other as out-of-state pen pals (our parents have been friends for years), and then I ended up moving to Ohio and we attended the same church for awhile. Mike & Jenelle are some of the nicest, most gracious friends you could ever meet, and they have successfully created miniature versions of themselves in their kids :) Jace kept us all laughing the entire evening (I can only imagine Mike as a kid acting the same way), and Hailey, well, she is just as sweet as her momma.

Jenelle requested brick buildings as their backdrop, so we met up in downtown Wooster, and walked around to different doorways and alleyways, and I have so many favorites to share . . .

#FamilySessions #WoosterPhotography #DowntownPhotoSession #Photography

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