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Children: Henry & Perrin

I may be a bit biased as their auntie, but I think these two kiddos are just the cutest. Several weeks ago, my mom, and both of my sisters (& 4 of my nieces and nephews) came to visit for a long weekend. My sister asked if I would take her kiddos' pictures while they were here, and I loved having these two in front of my camera again. Even though we had a hot evening for photos, we worked quickly, and they were just as adorable as can be . . .

This suitcase belonged to my grandma, so it was special to use it in their session. She would've had a little chuckle, I'm sure, to know that one of her pieces of luggage was being used as a photo prop for her great grandkids.

All I see in little Perrin is Emily when she was this age . . . goodness, she is her momma all over đź’•

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