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Newborn: William & Henry

These sweet boys made their way into the world just shy of 35 weeks along, and have been amazing the doctors ever since. William & Henry are identical, but right now are about 1/2 lb. difference in size, so that is one way that we were able to tell them apart during the session (it can be a little tricky keeping everything straight when you are photographing them individually and together--now, which one is which?)

They were little superstars for their newborn session, and once they were both fed, they were sound asleep. I had my good friend, Kristi, come and help me with the session, as it made it much easier having an extra set of hands. Other than a little bit of stirring/squeaking when we would lay them together, we hardly heard a peep out of the them all morning . . .

Here is a close up photo of each one, wrapped/posed almost exactly the same . . . can you guess which one is which?

Henry is above in the cream wrap, and William is below in the grey wrap . . .

This past weekend, the whole family came back for a few photos with the whole crew . . . big sister, Rosemary, is so in love with these babies, and it is just the sweetest thing to see her loving on them.

Andy & Jessica, you have the sweetest family, and I absolutely loved being able to capture this fast-moving phase for you. I know the sleepless nights, endless diaper changes, and mountains of bottles are a big blur right now, but I love seeing God write the story of your family and your trust in Him providing every step of the way . . .

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