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  • Megan

Love: Zach & Elizabeth {Wedding}

It was a beautiful spring morning, and we headed to the church where Liz & her bridesmaids were starting with hair & makeup. When I met Zach & Liz last year, I knew that our first wedding of the 2019 wedding season would be the perfect one to ease into the year with. They are both so easygoing, and the whole day just seemed to follow along with their laid back personalities.

The reception as at the OARDC, and once we arrived there, the wind picked up, the temperatures started to drop, and rain was moving in rather quickly. So we moved through portraits as quickly as we could, and Zach & Liz and their entire bridal party were troopers. You would never know everyone was freezing!

Zach & Liz are both dairy farmers, and I love how they incorporated different dairy things into their reception. From the milk & cookie bar to the little personalized ear tags to the little cow bells on each table (ring for the couple to kiss) . . . it was all so cute!