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Newborn: Hadley {5 days}

Hadley is the newest little member of the Stryker family, and she was in the studio for her newborn photos at 5 days old. She is a little sweetheart, and she made us work for some of the setups. Thankfully (as with 99% of newborns), she couldn't fight sleep forever, and she eventually gave in and slept through the majority of the session.

People often think that the newborn wide eyed photos are the best, (and I certainly love to capture them with their eyes open if they are wide awake). But, if you've ever sat through a newborn session with me or another photographer, you'll know that most of the setups we do in newborn photography are just much easier to pose if they are sound asleep and not wiggling around. So, if I can, I like to get a few photos of them awake, and then save the other poses for when that milk coma has settled in 💕

She has this little scowl all figured out already, and she was flashing it to me quite frequently throughout the session 💕

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