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We'd been hearing all week that a huge snowstorm was heading our way. But, as is typical in Ohio, you don't really get too concerned because who knows how much snow you'll actually end up with. I was hoping for the 12"+ inches they were predicting, but knew that we could also end up with an inch or two.

On Friday night, basketball games and things planned for Saturday were already being canceled in anticipation of the BIG storm.

By 9:30 on Saturday morning, the flurries arrived, and as the day went on, the snow started stacking up. But then it turned to more of a freezing rain, and that put a nice thick crust of ice on top of the powdery white stuff. Not the huge amount of snow we were hoping for . . . but then the snow came back overnight and when we woke up this morning, it was absolutely gorgeous outside. Not sure how much we actually ended up with (with the wind drifting it), but I would guess it was 10-12" altogether. So much fun to get a nice big snowstorm for once.

Mark was out first thing this morning, clearing the driveway . . .

Bentley absolutely LOVES playing in the snow. We've been keeping him inside more this weekend with the temps getting extra cold (he sleeps in the basement and is in/out of the house & garage throughout the day) but when we head out to play, he can't wait to come out and play with us.

Making tunnels in the drifts . . .

Tug-of-war . . . and he usually wins. That dog is strong.

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