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Grace {Fresh 48 Session}

I have loved watching this beautiful family grow over the past number of years. I don't even remember the first session I did for them, but I know their older kiddos (who are now in elementary school) were pretty little. Several years ago, Ryan & Rachel had me come to the hospital when little Julia was born for a Fresh 48 session. And then, several months ago, Rachel contacted me to book another hospital session for baby #5, due right around Christmas time.

Sure enough, when I woke up on Christmas morning, I had a text from Rachel waiting for me . . . little Grace Noel had made her entrance early that morning. I headed up to Orrville the next morning and spent some time there at the hospital, photographing their newest addition and being there when her big siblings got to meet her for the first time. Let's just say it was definitely love at first sight ❤️

Rachel looked absolutely amazing, having just given birth a little over 24 hours before!

Ryan brought the kiddos to the hospital . . .

Lydia & Charlotte had just gotten cameras for Christmas, so I loved seeing them capturing their own moments . . .

Cole is a little outnumbered by girls in the house, but I have a feeling he will do just fine. He is an awesome big brother . . .

Congratulations, Hartong family! And thank you so much for letting me photograph another milestone for your family. I love having you as clients ❤️

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