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Children: Finley & Winston

I love being an auntie to these two kiddos . . . they are both little live wires, full of energy and imagination, and they are also the cutest kiddos around. My sister and her family are our only family members who live here in Ohio with us, so we love having them only a little over an hour away, and getting to spend time with them more often. And, our boys sure do love playing with their cousins when they get the chance!

Several weeks ago, Finley had a day off from Kindergarten, so they headed up this way, and we started the day off with pictures of these two. Then, we came back to our house for the day (Mom & Dad were here for a quick visit then as well), and we got to hang out together and spend some time in the pool as well. Loved having family here for the day!

Love these kiddos . . .

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