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Senior: Regan {Class of 2019}

I had so much fun meeting up with this gorgeous young lady for her Senior session. Regan is a Senior at Orrville High School, and is enrolled mostly in college classes this year (thus, she hardly has to spend time at her actual high school--that sounds like a big win!).

She seems to be a no-frills kind of girl (with such a natural beauty that just shines out) , and was so easy going in front of the camera . . .

Her blue eyes just popped around the teal trim/parts of this structure . . .

Regan, a big congrats on reaching your Senior year--may it be your best year of high school yet!

#SeniorSession #OrrvilleSenior #CollegeofWooster #WoosterPhotography #OARDC #Classof2019 #Photography

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