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Senior: Cameron {Class of 2019}

Fall is filling up quickly with Seniors, and they are definitely my easiest models. I so remember this stage of life . . . there is lots of excitement at the thought of this being your LAST year of high school mixed with just a little bit of nervousness at the thought of that routine of the past 13 years coming to an end (I'm pretty sure the joy of finishing up with high school was WAY higher, though :)

Cameron is just starting his Senior year at Waynedale, and was as easy to photograph as possible. We met up in Smithville, and just walked around town, finding quaint little doors, alleyways, etc.

We finished up at this little creek down by the park . . .

Have a great Senior year!

#WaynedaleSenior #Classof2019 #SmithvilleHistoricalSociety #SmithvilleCreek #SmithvillePhotography #Photography #SeniorSession

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