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Newborn: Grayson {12 days}

The studio has been busy with little boys lately, and this little peanut was so much fun to snuggle. Grayson is around 6 lbs. and he often slept with one eye open, almost as if he was keeping an eye on me as I photographed him. He also gave me more smiles than any other newborn I've worked with, and he is such an adorable little guy . . .

That little smirk :)

Grayson's daddy is an avid fisherman, competing in tournaments all around the US, so it only seemed fitting to include some fishing gear in one of the setups . . .

When Grandpa is a farmer (& loves only red tractors, which I totally get because my dad is the same way), we had to include these in a setup. Judging by Grayson's little grin, I think he's going to love them as well.

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