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Children: Wyatt & Finnleigh {2 yrs}

Any Mom of a 2yr. old can attest to the fact that there is rarely a dull moment (or a quiet one, for that matter). And when you add twins to the mix, well, there is a whole new level of energy and busyness--these two little ones kept their momma busy.

Wyatt & Finnleigh are just as cute as can be, and were so curious about exploring everything around them, especially the army of squirrels that takes up residence in the trees around the campus :)

Momma broke out some music on her phone, and they had a little dance party . . .

Happy 2nd birthday, kiddos! You are growing way too quickly . . .

#TwinSession #2yrSessions #ChildSession #MilestoneSession #WoosterPhotography #CollegeofWooster #Photography

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