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Children: Henry & Perrin

These two are just the cutest, and I couldn't love them more. The last time I photographed my adorable niece & nephew, Perrin was a tiny little newborn. Now she is sporting some of the cutest rolls & chub, and her cheeks are as kissable as they come. Henry is a proud big brother, and these two were just perfect in front of my camera.

With me photographing their session in Iowa, I didn't have room to bring along my usual little chairs & props. So, I raided Mom's stash and found the cutest dishpan and old wooden chairs. Loved using these things for the grandkids' photos . . .

These gorgeous pink flowers were in bloom in front of Mom & Dad's new home . . .

And just when we though the nap time grumpies might be getting ready to take over, she gives us this . . . oh sweet Perrin, could you be any cuter?!

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