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  • Megan

Love: Rosco & Jana {Wedding}

I absolutely love a beautiful outdoor wedding. And Rosco & Jana's venue was a rustic barn and a gorgeous farm surrounding it. The Barnstone within minutes of our home, so it was fun to capture our first wedding at a venue that I drive past often.

The whole week leading up to their wedding day, Jana & I were keeping a close eye on the forecast. 80% chance of rain . . . all day long. And that forecast just didn't seem to budge. On Friday, they moved the ceremony setup indoors, because it just didn't look favorable to keep it outside as planned. I packed my clear umbrellas, and kept praying that God would move those rain clouds around us. (& prayed & prayed!)

On Saturday morning, the radar looked like we would at least have several hours of dry skies, so we were thrilled that we could at least get some of the photos done outdoors, like Jana was hoping for. And as the day went on, our prayers were answered in such a big way. We were able to get ALL of the photos outdoors like we were hoping for, and other than a few brief showers, we ended up with a dry wedding day.

It was such a gorgeous wedding, and we loved celebrating with Rosco & Jana and their family and friends . . .