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Newborn: Finn {10 days}

I really do have the best job ever, and I know that I say that a lot, but it's true. I couldn't imagine having a job that I love any more, and it is the best thing to be able to walk out my front door, take about 50 steps, and end up at my job where I get to snuggle babies, and act pretty goofy to try and get little ones to smile for the camera.

This sweet guy is a little miracle baby (even though I fully believe that every little one is a miracle). His parents were told they would likely not be able to have any more children, and then God smiled a little and said, "watch this". With two big sisters, I have no doubt that Finn is going to add his own bit of boy energy to the family, and he is already loved so much . . .

Finn's nursery is decorated in a woodland theme, so we did this setup to go along with the decor . . .

Welcome to the world, sweet boy . . .

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