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Children: Rhett & Rhea {1 yr}

Even though I'm sure this photo seems like a long time ago for Mom & Dad (who have made it through the first year of life with twins), I can't believe how quickly Rhea & Rhett went from this size . . .

. . .to this! They are just as cute as can be, and even though Rhett brought his serious face to their 1st birthday session, we still managed to get a few grins from him.

At the end of the session, we brought out the cake and let them dig in. They didn't fight over it at all, and just sat there, calmly enjoying it one bite at a time. Rhea was a bit more careful with taking small bites and not making a big mess. Rhett, on the other hand, ended up with cake all over him . . . lots of birthday fun for these two!

Happy birthday, Spreng kiddos . . . I have loved being able to document this first year!

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