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Family: Whipple

My sister & her beautiful family live only a few hours away (as opposed to the rest of our family, who all live out in Iowa). We love having the Whipples close by, and getting to see them a little more frequently. They traveled up several weeks ago for their family session, and we had a warm (as in humid & hot) evening for photos . . . hello, weird Ohio fall weather!

My little niece just turned 5, and is a little ball of imagination/girly girl/energy all rolled into one. Of course, I think she's one of the cutest kiddos around, and she was so good in front of the camera . . .

Winston will be turning 3 in a few months, and is 100% boy, loving all things Lighting McQueen, tractors, and his big cousin "Coley". Cole has always loved toting him around, so he was a big help keeping him somewhat focused for photos :)

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