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Newborn: Everett {7 days}

This sweet little guy was such a dream baby for his newborn session. We went through one setup after another, and as if often the case, I have so many favorites to share!

He was rocking his little baby mohawk . . .

Everett's Grandpa is a huge football fan . . . when I photographed the first grandson several months ago, we got a photo of him with Grandpa's football, so they brought it along for a shot with little Everett as well. Grandpa is now going to have photos of his little grandsons to add to his football-themed office.

Everett's daddy is a music teacher and plays the drums. So, I loved being able to include part of his drum set into the newborn photos . . . these were Daddy's "must-have" shots, and Everett cooperated perfectly.

Brad & Jillian, congratulations on your precious little bundle! Blessings to you all as you adjust to being a family of 3 . . .

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