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Family: Hartong

I first met this sweet little girl and her family when she was a newborn. Amelia is just adorable, and her story has taken a different route than expected over the past 8 months. Just before Christmas, the doctors found a tumor in her brain that was cancerous. At 5 months old, Amelia underwent her first brain surgery, and doctors were able to get most of the tumor out. Since then, the Hartong family has spent most days at the hospital, where Amelia has been getting chemo and treatment to fight the cancer.

Several weeks ago, Melanie contacted me to see if I would be able to come to their house and take a few photos. They had a time span of several weeks where they were all able to be home together as a family, and she really wanted to get a family photo while they were together. We had a day with milder weather, and a neighbor's beautiful backyard to work with, so it worked perfectly to grab some family photos outdoors . . .

Blake loves his little sister . . .

Several days after I was there, Amelia went in for her second surgery to try and remove the remaining part of the tumor. She will continue to be in the hospital for the next while, undergoing more treatment to kick this cancer. If you think of this sweet family, say a prayer for them. They are walking a journey that they never would have asked for, but are doing everything they can to help their little girl win this battle. Their courage & strength is inspiring many people around them . . . sweet little Amelia, you've got this.

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