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Family: Hicks

Stephanie & I were communicating back and forth on the morning of their photo session. Even though we had very little cell phone reception, at least our texts were going through. We were attempting to find these waterfalls, and Google maps had several different places that it was directing us to. Either we were finding ourselves on a back mud road somewhere (& praying that my vehicle wouldn't break down in that location :) or in a run-down parking area, that didn't look anything like a "tourist" destination.

Finally, Nick decided to take a little hike and see if he could spot anything resembling a trail that would lead to some waterfalls. He came back after a few minutes, and gave us the thumbs-up, so we set out in our mud boots, ready for a short morning hike. The weather that weekend was absolutely gorgeous, so it was the perfect way to spend a Saturday morning. After winding our way through the woods and over a creek, we came to this gorgeous location that is nestled back in, secluded from civilization.

The boys loved being free to explore around the creek, and family photos didn't take long at all . . .

And the whole reason we planned this mini-session?? Well, the Hicks family has some exciting news to share . . .

They are going to be a family of 5 this summer!

Nick & Stephanie, you have such a sweet family--thanks for letting me capture this exciting time for you guys!

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