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Child: Nora {1 yr}

I first met Jason & Lora when I photographed their backyard wedding several years ago. Then, I did a session with them when they were pregnant with their little girl, and I have loved being able to photograph the milestones along the way with Nora's 1st year. She just keeps getting cuter (if that's even possible, considering how adorable she's been from her newborn session & all along the way).

Families like these are truly some of my favorite clients, as I love to be able to photograph the changes, the growth, and all of the cute little smiles, expressions, and giggles along the way. I am so blessed to have such sweet clients who keep trusting me session after session after session . . .

Had to get that little scrunchy face . . .

Lora brought this little name banner to each of the sessions, and we used the same setup, to be able to easily document Nora's growth from Newborn-4 months-8 months-1 year. Little ones change so much, and so fast during that first year!

Happy 1st birthday, Nora! I'm so glad that I've been able to watch you grow, learn, and develop your own little personality . . .

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