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It's Christmas Time

With us planning to travel out to Iowa the weekend of Christmas, we decided to celebrate with our little family the week before. Church was canceled that morning due to icy roads, so it worked out perfectly to just stay snuggled in at home, and enjoy the day together.

The boys could hardly wait to start opening presents, but we started out the celebration by having Cole read the Christmas story . . .

Opening up our stockings . . .

Love having them take turns, so we can see their expressions/reactions when opening gifts . . .

Gavin is our little Lego fanatic right now, and he was THRILLED to get his first set of superhero Legos!

Ian has been asking for a drone, and I found one on sale at Kohl's, so it was fun surprising him with that . . .

This guy has been asking for Beats headphones for several years, and the answer was always "No". Earlier this fall, we were shopping, and found a pair on clearance. I went back while he was in school and grabbed them while they were still there. The look on his face when he opened his gift was absolutely priceless. Mark & I even got big hugs from our 14yr. old, so I think we scored big with him this year!

We spent the rest of the day enjoying take-out Chinese for lunch, watching Ian learn how to fly his drone, and just chilling together as a family. The boys all deemed it the "Best Christmas Ever".

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