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Junior High Christmas Party

Last Friday, our Junior High Class from church got together for our Christmas Party. Mark & I and Jason & Kristi love working with the 7th & 8th grade kids and we always have a ton of fun when we are with them. Everyone was instructed to wear either red or green to the party, and we started out with some yummy pizza. After our tummies were full, we had our white elephant gift exchange. It was fun to see all of the silly gifts people came up with . . .

Passing the gifts right . . . left . . . left . . . right . . . until the story was finished being read. Then, you got to keep whichever gift ended up in front of you.

This was right after the slight heart attack caused by a fake mouse that jumped out of that little wooden box in the photo :)

Our artists had to draw a Christmas picture with the paper on top of their head. Bonus point were awarded IF the star was actually touching the tree . . . and the stockings were not INSIDE the fireplace.

Next up, we played a bunch of games . . . most of them along the lines of Minute to Win It games. First of all, the teams had to blow up balloons and stuff them inside pantyhose to form reindeer antlers. The team with the best looking antlers won.

Transferring Smarties with a straw . . .

It's a little harder if you are laughing :)

Making marshmallow snowmen . . .

Bouncing Ping Pong balls into cups . . .

Rolling marbles down the table, trying to get them to stick on tape.

Someone stole my camera . . . good thing she was taking selfies so I knew who to blame!

Merry Christmas!!

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